Why Spiritual Awakening Pain Is Essential for the Lightworker, Empath & Scapegoat

​For the lightworker, empath & scapegoat spiritually awakening pain, the emotional pain and even physical pain can feel like it's just too much to handle.

It seems that we get glimpses of this incredible wonder in between and it can be really difficult. Emotional pain can be especially hard for a scapegoat, those recovering from scapegoating, the empath (feeling others emotional pain) and lightworker.

For me, spiritual awakening is coming into line with who I truly am and living it and sticking to it. Experiencing pain is part of spiritual awakening process. It is part of your spiritual ascension. It is part of your spiritual awakening journey.

It can be really hard to see I'm in a dynamic, doesn't matter what it is, a situation I've created where somehow I am the one who is wrong again. It can be so difficult to see that. I know this from people I've worked with and friends and I speak to. They say things like "how did I end up here again?" It almost comical but it doesn't feel funny at the time.

As an empath and lightworker, the spiritual awakening process is understanding where I mute myself because I think it will be easier to mute myself than actually speak my truth in that moment. That's when it becomes really emotionally painful and generally I don't change change, we don't change and maybe you don't change unless you really have to. It's because when the pain of staying there that becomes more than the pain of changing that I then change.

The change is painful but it's beneficial and it can also seem never ending. Especially the emotional stuff. It's like digging through it but things do change. As I look back at my life in the last couple of years, I was looking at videos this morning that I haven't posted that I made 18 months ago. It's incredible to look at stuff that comes up from living everyday life.

That's the awakening stuff and if you're having a change in life circumstances, it can feel so oppressive and overwhelming. So many times in this last couple of years I've been overwhelmed and I have to reach out at that point or just to speak to someone and say "you know what, I feel Iike this." That connection is essential. It gets me out of myself and someone can look at the situation I'm in and say "yes, you're here again but you can change this."

For the lightworker, empath & scapegoat the ironic thing is somehow that belief that even though they are in emotional pain, they don't need to change is completely contrary to the spiritual awakening. It's this 3d body and this 3d brain that are meant to help me process things. It helps me cross the road. It helps me add up whatever the groceries are gonna be but it's so much more efficient to sit and connect with my intuition to see what I should do. What if the emotional pain is too much?

Making still my mind is the greatest benefit I've had from meditation. I started off with one minute couple years ago. I shut my eyes and it was really painful because my head was shouting at me. My head doesn't tend to shout at me anymore. My sabotage is not meditating as often as I could because actually I find the answers when I just sit and connect with my highest self. Some of the greatest insights and practical everyday insights is from just sitting down.

I'll just be sitting and then suddenly it comes in and it's the missing piece that I've been looking for. It's hard to have an addiction to working stuff out combined with those low vibration emotions. When I can step back from a situation and say "that's heavy, what do I need to do right now?" To me as a recovering scapegoat, nourishment comes from stepping back from a situation and saying "what is it I need?" When I'm involved in it and I hooked on it, for me and many of the people I know we find just that moment of clarity.

It's from dropping, letting the tension in my body go. The stress is so destructive to health, I know that as much as anyone. With my thyroid and all of this stuff it's made really hard. The physical stuff is so important. They say that's ascension symptoms. It adds to everything going on in my body and there's a lot of stuff going on in my body. If I'm adding stress to that and all the rest of it, I'm making my life harder. There are some things in life it's easier to let go of even though I think I imagine I know what the answer is or what the consequences will be of letting go. It's usually not true.

I thank so much. I want to say thank you. I get so much for your comments and your likes. This is effectively a vlog of my spiritual awakening journey and all of the videos I've done and I get so much strength when you say "me too, thank you for sharing your vulnerability." It's not a normal thing for me to do to share that and that's why I haven't made as many videos recently. Thanks for watching.