Scapegoat Empowerment: Learn To NOT React to Scapegoating

​In this video I talk about how scapegoats must learn to not react to scapegoating, gaslighting & crazymaking.

As scapegoats were so often the odd ones, the misfits and the black sheep. As a friend of mine said the other day she's a purple sheep, fabulous. We have this core identity that was somehow we are broken and for some reason that means that the energy we carry attracts people that point towards us and say "you're wrong".

We could be in a situation whether it's school, family, or work or whatever it is. I find we have this genuine energy that is misinterpreted by the world and very easily used by the world. By which I mean other people with a certain energy collude to say that we are the broken ones. We carry their darkness, we carry that baggage and it's so difficult to to step out of that role. Because most often they'll push our buttons and then they'll say we're wrong. We'll name the truth of a situation and there's a collusion of others to say "well Mark you're wrong for this reason, this reason and this reason."

So if I can see blue and everyone else's naming read despite the fact it's clearly blue. This is called "crazy making" or "gaslighting". For me, it's about understanding how my empowerment comes about. It's not in pushing back against these people, certainly not immediately. It's about an understanding why there is a wounded part of me that wants to react when someone pushes a button and I'm triggered. It's seen in the expression "know thyself". If I can understand why when someone says something that I get angry then that's knowledge that I can use. I can use those crazy makers to increase the speed of my spiritual awakening if I'm open to it. Even if it's painful, if I can say"what's going on inside me, what's my part in this?" Ignoring whoever it is because if they got a certain energy and they're pushing my buttons, even if I never see them again, there's going to be someone else who's like that. Even if I change my energy there will always be people in life who wish to push their darkness onto me.

When they push their darkness onto me and the more I can say "my monkey, not my circus" it's their baggage and their problem. I can see their irrationality and their wish to run round in circles. I can calmly say "we were talking about this and now you're talking about something that happened 20 years ago and isn't relevant to this conversation." #TheEmotionalAlchemist #ScapegoatRole

I can just observe myself as this is happening, if I can observe feeling. It's understandable that if your buttons are being pressed that you feel angry. that's understandable. If you were treated in a certain way and you still have feelings about that. I've found freedom comes from working through the traumas and the bad experiences and any resentments that I still carry. The word "resentment" comes from 13th century French and means to "refeel". If I'm still upset, angry or sad, when I think of something or someone it means that there's still a charge in my body on a quantum level. There's still energy there that needs to be processed. I do that by going back and remembering that when I was eight years old I was in Sunday school a guy did, whatever it was. It wasn't my fault and it wasn't nice and it was an attack on me. It was motivated by darkness then but this is now. So why am I still bringing it into the present? I wasn't responsible for what happened to me. If it happened to me when I'm six years old then I don't have a part in that. I wasn't able to defend myself. I wasn't developed enough. Children are innocent and they can't defend themselves.