Jumpstart Your Emotional Awareness With This Simple Game/Exercise

​This is game or exercise you can play anywhere to jumpstart your emotional awareness by releasing, understanding & managing some of your low vibration emotions.

The more emotions that come up the more focus I lose or gain. The more I ask myself what they are at the time they're happening the more insight I get and then the more focus I find.

Emotional Alchemy is about taking those low vibration emotions often from emotional abuse and turning them into what I want. To do that I have to become aware of those emotions and where they're coming from.

My name is Mark and this is The #Emotional Alchemist, practical suggestions for a high vibration life. On a soul mission to find like minds and twin souls.

Nothing brings up frustration quite like frustration and in this video I placed a red rock on top of a large rock over there. By trying to throw pebbles at the red rock all sorts of emotions came up. It seems like such a simple thing to do... take the little rock and throw it at the big rock. There are only very few variables and the biggest one is me and my emotional state. The more emotions that come up the more focus I lose or gain. The more I ask myself what they are at the time they're happening the more insight I get and then the more focus I find. That's the beginning of emotional alchemy.

I was thinking about saying, wow, I'm absolutely astounded and I just tried for 10 minutes to hit that thing and I didn't hit one. So here it is now I become aware. The question is can I retain consciousness because now I know and this is where the alchemy starts.

Can you hear it in my voice? I'm spinning these so there is no chance I should be able to hit it. Wow I'm close to a close and now I'm losing it and this is going to be my weirdest video. Finally now I've got one more store for another chance. Am I really present now and can I use those emotions to get #empowerment. Can I turn emotional lead into emotional gold?

Of course it's frustrating, the question is why? It's simple, it's a game, it's nothing and yet it gives insight into my whole emotional condition. And you can use this for anything and especially if you have difficult personalities in your life. They are most likely the ones you immediately feel some sort of low vibration emotion about.

The question is tracing that emotion back. When did it turn up in your life. What is that feeling and where did it come from. What was explained to me recently is the feelings my body when something bad happens, that pain I get in my gut, what that is is my body remembering a time earlier that was similar. When I trace back and heal that, then I can heal the present and that's not going to stop me that badly.

It's really beautiful here and there's a full moon. If this video is going to be crazy then I may as well make it really crazy and weird. Look at that. I don't really know much about the moon, the universe and astrology and stuff but it is fascinating. The more I learn the less I understand and I think it's supposed to be that way.

Finally to leave you with this beautiful sunset and to say. The more insight I get into my emotions the easier my life goes. That emotion stuff is difficult. The more I become aware of it the easier it is.

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