How to Increase your Intuition Using Awareness, Memories and Emotions

​Intuition is a knowing what to do, it's an inner sense of knowing. If you're at a crossroads and you've got left and you got right and you don't know which way is going to get you to where you want to go. You've got no sat nav. It's about knowing instinctively, having the awareness to know "I need to go left" or "I need to go right" and then it ends up being the right way.

What blocks us from that kind of inner sense of knowing is past experiences. It's emotional blockages and trauma, events from our past. Our memory of those circumstances stop our intuitive sense of knowing what to do. For me, how I get over those blocks starts with meditation but it's very specific kind of meditation. It's sitting quietly with my eyes closed because I want to become aware of those things which are in here but that I can't see.#TheEmotionalAlchemist

For me in this meditation I just sit there and then think about whatever it is, a person, a place, a thing, a trauma, whatever it happened, whatever happened. If there is an associated feeling within my body so that I feel it in my stomach, then that is my body's way of telling me that I still got some unprocessed stuff there. That's going to stop me from connecting and knowing intuitively what to do in a situation. I write what comes.#ScapegoatRole

It's the word resentment and "resentment" is just a word. Words are the best but clumsy way of describing the world. The word resentment comes from the 13th century word meaning to refeel. So when I have a resentment, when I have a thought and an associated feeling within my body, it reminds me of a time when I felt that feeling again, that's awareness.

Now that could be a good feeling or it could be a painful feeling. If it was a trauma then I'm going to have the feeling in my chest, maybe a constriction. Maybe it's my stomach that's contracting. Then maybe there's some wonderful feeling. When I remember my first girlfriend, it was just perfect circumstances for one year. I was 26 years old and it was my first significant relationship. It was perfect and when I think of that I lift and feel good. That's a resentment too but not classically as we know the word, it's a refeeling of how it was to be in that experience back then. If the feeling is anger with pain then that's also a refeeling of an earlier time. These feelings in my body are a way for me to understand what I want in the world.

So I can use these feelings to point me in the direction I want. If I remember something that happened when I was 10 years old and it's uncomfortable, that's becoming aware of it. I can then process it so that I can see how I still carry that energy today. Then I can heal that experience. After that it doesn't control me today. All of this emotional baggage is coded within our body and stored at a cellular level. That's why when you think about something you have a reaction in your body. Clearing that stuff out means becoming a clear channel to be able to know whether to go left or to go right. For me when I think about the wonderful things that have happened, I'm like, okay, I want more of that... and less of that.

It's a practical guide that says "I want to do that again" and "I want to back over there". The feelings may not be identical, but by focusing on the high vibration feelings and processing those low vibration feelings, I can discern where I want to be in the world. I've done a lot of this recently. It's painful but by becoming aware of that stuff, I get to heal it. If it stays out of sign of my consciousness, in the darkness of my shadow, then it will drive me and unconsciously in my everyday life. I will make decisions that are not in my best interest and now driven by light. I do this work because it allows me to live a lighter and more conscious life. That's why I do this. I don't trawl through all the hard past experiences because it's fun. It's not, that stuff is painful, but it helps build towards the life we want, a life with joy and fun and excitement and wonder and love. It's awareness that gives that to us.

That's what I want. For me, emotional alchemy is it's taking those low vibration emotions, that fear, the anger, the resentment, the feelings of guilt, and turning it into the joy, the happiness and fun. That's what my YouTube channel is about. It's my wonderfully imperfect vlog of my life. This is my life. This is how I deal with low vibration emotions to find the life I really want right now.

And right now I'm here in Costa Rica. I've chosen this because I needed to heal my body and I'm in a place which is helping me do that. That's a different story for a different video but now I'm happy just to be in the moment even though as always there's stuff going on in my life. When I can just get into my heart and find that feeling of peace that is so elusive for those of us who are scapegoats, lightworkers and empaths I find joy on my journey.