Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment Coaching is designed to do one thing, have you reveal your own power and authority.

​If you're a black sheep, scapegoat or empath with others taking your power...

... then that's because you are their power source.

​If you're like me you feel your power but it's terrifying. I know that fear. My job is to help you ​through the fear to find the power.

That is what I call the Escaped Goat Plan. ​

​I want you to find your power faster than the time it took me. That's why I coach. The more of us who find our power the faster we'll live in the world we want.

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Looking forward to speaking to you!

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About MARK

My greatest connection is found is working with others to help their progress faster than it took. In my awakening I took the hard and long route. There is no easy route for anyone but I'm passionate about helping others find their passion and joy faster.

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