​I grew up feeling a lot of shame of who I was. That fueled self hatred that kept me stuff for much of my life. After enough emotional pain I ​started to understand what I'd been told wasn't true. I realized I was a scapegoat for other people's baggage and I began to change my life.

​My recovery from the Scapegoat Role has been ​healing from my past and taking actions towards the future I want. My life is imperfect and today that's okay. Now I find peace and passion helping other​s create the life they want as I do for myself.

About MARK

My greatest connection is found is working with others to help their progress faster than it took. In my awakeing I took the hard and long route. There is no easy route for anyone but I'm passionate about helping others find their passion and joy faster.

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​Click Here to get your Releasing Fear MP3 Instantly